Fear Steve - 3D Printers for Designers http://www.fearsteve.com/story.php?title=3d-printers-for-designers-2 J850, J835, & J826 Accurate Multi Colour and Multi Material The J8 Series 3D Printers in Medical Industry. From prototypes to high-fidelity models, the J8 Series 3D printers are the highest accuracy. Imagine what your designers could do with a system that offers more material and software capabilities than any other 3D Printers for Designers. Versatility in applications gives you the flexibility t... Thu, 28 Oct 2021 09:11:20 UTC en <![CDATA[Comment #55]]> http://www.fearsteve.com/story.php?title=3d-printers-for-designers-2#c55 Sun, 31 Oct 2021 12:13:31 UTC UtpalShuvro 0 55